Why Having a Blog Page is a Good Idea?

Often, when I ask my clients if they want to have a blog page within their website structure, the answer is usually: why?

Here I would like to highlight the benefits that a simple blog can bring to your business.


1. A blog is a great way to tell visitors what you do, where your expertise is, and drive traffic to your website organically. In your articles, you use keywords and thus attract SEO.

2.  Your Blog is where you share your expertise, something you are passionate about, you create your own unique and target specific content, helping to solve the problems your audience might have. Your Blog is not only showing people what you are doing but also helping them out as well. It gives visitors the reason to come back.

3. Since your Blog provides visitors with the information they are interested in it is a quick and easy way to grow your mailing list.

4. A Blog helps you to connect and communicate with potential clients.

5. Your blog helps you to build trust. And this is very important in the virtual world

6. And with time your Blog will make you a “go-to” expert in your field.